Week 3 Waiver Results

Week 3 waivers were good to me.  I got Matt Ryan who quietly is the #1 QB in fantasy football.  Ryan was on the waivers and playing New Orleans in Week 3.  It was  a great option for my team who has lost Keenan Allen in Week 1 and is dealing with Russell Wilson’s ankle injury.  The Falcons play the Panthers, Broncos, and Seahawks after Week 3.  All bad matchups and I hope Wilsons gets right before I have to make that decision.

Waiver Strategy

My main league that uses Yahoo still uses waiver priority, i know I know, and that forces them to save their priority each week.  I have adapted to their strategy over the last few years and just my waiver at will.  Trying to get ahead of players losing jobs and bad future matchups.   I used my waiver on Jerick McKinnon, this was before the official news of Adrian Peterson on Wednesday and got him.

Yahoo Main League

I happen to draft Charles Sims, who takes over in Tampa Bay after Doug Martin’s injury in Week 3.  I happen to draft Theo Riddick too.  I have a lot of good options for Week 3 and may sit McKinnon against the Carolina Panthers.  There is still a lot of time for Martin to get healthy, so nothing is set in stone.  I made a trade for Golden Tate and I gave up Ryan Mathews.  The owner was 0-2 and shipping out trades left and right.  He was down on Tate and needed an RB after Danny Woodhead and Ameer Abdullah went down.  I lost Keenan Allen in this league so I needed WR depth and for bye weeks.  I gave up Mathews because I think the Eagles success is mostly due to the competition.  Mathews scored 2 TDs in Week 2 and had 20+ touches in Week 1, I figured it was a sell high point.  I have Charles Sims, Theo Riddick, Christine Michael, Jeremy Langford, Devontae Booker, CJ Prosise and Jerick McKinnon.  Can you tell I drafted WRs with my 1st three picks? I was ok giving up Mathews with a surplus of RBs at my disposal.

ESPN Work League

The ESPN league I am in is pretty stacked.  I had the privilege of going through a few decent drafts to get to the Grand Finale in this league.  My team includes Brandon Marshall, Allen Robinson, Alshon Jeffery, Drew Brees, LeSean McCoy and Spencer Ware.  I am 2-0 and haven’t used any priority waiver.  I have been streaming defenses, the NY Giants last week got me 20 points, and have been attempting trades to upgrade at RB.  Kenneth Dixon has hit the waiver wire from a team that was 0-2.  I hope I can swoop him up without the waiver in a few days.

ESPN Analyst League

My ESPN aspiring analyst league got crushed last week by a combination of Carson Palmer, Matt Forte, and the Arizona DST.  Those 3 slots accounted for 85 points in a .5 PPR.  The wrong week to play that guy.  This league uses FAAB budget and I put in two bids for Dennis Pitta and Jordan Howard.  I only put in $3 bid on Pitta because I have Travis Kelce and I wasn’t interested in spending a ton.  I think it was a mistake.  Pitta is injury prone but I do play in a SUPER flex league that has 2 flex spots where TEs can be played.  The options at WR and RB are limited.  Hence the $1 bid on Howard.  The winning bid was $8 and I think they did well getting him that cheap.  Joe Flacco loves Pitta and the Ravens have been struggling to run the ball.  I managed to pick up the Dolphins for nothing after waivers went through, whoops on everyone’s part.  I have a decision at with my RB spot in Week 3.  I have DeAngelo Williams, Christine Micheal, Chris Ivory, Le’Veon Bell, Bilal Powell and Jordan Howard.  Ideally if Ivory suits up, he will be my pick.  But if not I will have to roll out Michael and that is not enticing with Pete Caroll talking up Thomas Rawls after Week 2.  But I might have my hands tied.  Powell and Howard are just not playable at the moment.  Both handcuffs with limited action.  I could see playing Howard but that is straight danger zone status with the Bears offensive and defensive injuries.

Hopefully, this helps any of you readers to decide or go grab players on the waivers.  I love talking about fantasy football so if you have any questions, send them over to @play2win_ff on twitter.  Thanks for reading!


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