Week 3 Draft Kings Results

I played 3 tickets this week and was paid out in two fo them.  I had a Giants stack for my 3rd lineup with Eli Manning, Odell Beckham Jr, and Sterling Shepard.  The Giants did well but I had Jerick McKinnon, Travis Benjamin, Julius Thomas and Jeremy Maclin too, which all missed pretty bad.  That is enough talk about my missed lineup.  We are here to talk about what works!  I missed the window to add more because of poor planning.  I had a few players across Fanduel and Draft Kings in nearly every lineup.  David Johnson, Travis Benjamin, and Dolphins DST.

The first lineup with the Dolphins stack was just a bad idea.  Stacking a QB with an RB is unlikely to profit.  You would have to predict multiple passes out to the RB from the QB.  Which is unlikely but I think I did just that.

Kenyan Drake ended up with 9 rush attempts for 37 yards and 2 receptions for 11 yards.  He just didn’t get the workload I was expecting.  I don’t think the Dolphins like Jay Ajayi even though he is clearly more talented.  I was looking for a cheap RB and I’ll be more cognizant of the QB/RB stack in the future.

CJ Anderson was highly ineffective on the ground against Cincinnati.  This is another play that I look back at and ask what was I thinking?  This lineup could have won big with a hit on WR.  I vow to play WRs in my flex spots going forward.

Mike Wallace had 6 targets, for 3 receptions and 34 yards.  Another play that didn’t get enough usage.  It didn’t help that he dropped a TD pass in the end zone either.  Wallace’s price still makes him an intriguing play going forward.

Travis Benjamin had a decent game but the game was lower scoring than everyone predicted.  He had 7 targets and that’s just not enough usage for DFS.  I like him going forward especially if his price stays low.

Julius Thomas was a victim of Blake Bortles inefficiency in Week 3.  Bortles turned the ball over 3 times and was inaccurate.  I was hoping for a TD for the relatively inexpensive Julius Thomas and I was trying not to use Pitta in every lineup I had this week for some variance.

Week 3 was a decent week for Draft Kings and more importantly I stayed in the green!  Better luck next Week.  Thanks for reading at play2win.


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